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Asthma first aid video and poster download

Asthma first aid video and poster download

Asthma first aid video & free poster download! It's estimated that 90% asthma sufferers are using their reliever puffer inhaler incorrectly. Yes 90%! This impacts on the effectiveness of their medication and could be the difference between recovering from mild asthma...

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What if you found yourself in a position where you had to give someone CPR? Or you were the first person on the scene of a car accident? Would you know what to do?

Fluid First Aid provides effective training that will equip you for those situations where your response could be the difference between life and death.

With an innovative approach to first aid training, Fluid First Aid offers fun and informative courses to individuals or groups that want to learn all-important skills efficiently and in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Fluid First Aid courses are offered weekly at three locations across Brisbane, providing flexibility and convenience. We offer comprehensive courses covering first aid essentials, along with tailored courses to meet specific first aid training needs for various professions. All our courses are nationally recognised. Our satisfied clients will attest to the high quality of our first aid training.

Don’t leave yourself without that essential knowledge of what to do in an emergency. Take a Fluid First Aid course Brisbane wide and feel informed, confident, and equipped to save lives.

4 step burns first aid & when to call an ambulance

The severity of a burn can be very deceptive and seemingly small burn injuries can cause a rapid decline in the person’s condition. It’s critical you understand the basic first aid steps to treat a burn, but particularly which burns and symptoms that require emergency medical treatment…

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4 Steps to Help a Stroke Victim… FAST!

Stroke. A leading cause in Australia of temporary and permanent disability. It kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer. Many lives and families, maybe yours, have been and are today severely impacted by it. There are many misconceptions...

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00:44 05 Dec 16
This is the best first aid course I have had to do in 20 years. Very informative and hands on. Not just slide shows all day. Thanks Gayle for the great informative delivery. 5 hours in class and online workbook made for a great learning experienceread more

Di Todd
Di Todd
05:40 08 Jan 17
I have used Fluid Learning for my First Aid/CPR courses for many years. I can highly recommend them. The trainers share first-rate details and enable you to practise your skills so you feel confident to 'give it a go' if you ever find yourself in a situation that requires your help. Ben and Gail offer the best training going around. I will be back again next more

Josh Callaghan
Josh Callaghan
07:20 12 Jul 18
The class and instructor was amazing and very knowledgeable. She took the time to explain the different outcomes and situations we could face. I definitely will be coming back to do my CPR or First Aid when it needs renewed. Thanks so muchread more