In case you haven’t felt the early morning chill yet, well… it’s June and that means Winter is here.

Pour a hot cuppa, stoke the coals, fuel the heater or hug your favourite hot water bottle!

There’s quite a lot about getting warm that involves hot or boiling elements which is why it’s a good time to brush on on your burns first aid.

The severity of a burn can be very deceptive and seemingly small burn injuries can cause a rapid decline in the person’s condition.

It’s critical you understand the basic first aid steps to treat a burn, but particularly which burns and symptoms that require emergency medical treatment…

How to treat a burn in 4 steps

burns first aid step 1 remove jewellery


Remove any jewellery or constricting items if possible without causing damage.
DO NOT remove clothing or jewellery that is stuck to the burn.

burns first aid step 2 cool the burn


Cool the burn with room-temperature running water for 20 minutes.
KEEP THE PERSON WARM and look for signs of shock (pale, cold, clammy skin)

burns first aid step 3 Cover the burn


Cover with non-adhesive dressing or plastic cling film.
Make sure it won’t stick to the burn!

burns first aid step 4 call an ambulance


Call for an ambulance by dialling 000 (in Australia) for…

  • Airway burns
  • Burns to sensitive areas – face, hands, feet, major joints and private areas
  • Burns that penetrate the skin
  • Electrical, chemical and cold burns
  • Shock symptoms
  • Burns to vulnerable people – small children, elderly and those with other medical conditions
  • Any burns greater than the size of the victim’s hand

burn first aid Do Nots


  • DO NOT remove any clothing stuck to the burn
  • DO NOT use ice or iced water
  • DO NOT break blisters or peel skin
  • DO NOT apply any lotions, ointments, creams or powders other than hydro-gelsNOTE: Burn Aid gel and other hydrogel products are great for cooling minor burns but are not recommended for significant burns.

Still doing boring, long, confusing first aid courses?

Learn first aid the fluid way and save time, have fun & leave confident & certified!

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R. .Golingi
R. .Golingi
10:45 16 Jun 19
I enjoyed my CPR training. Germaine is very knowledgeable and thorough, making sure everybody understood every part but at the same time keeping things fast and interesting (and at times entertaining).read more
abby lovett
abby lovett
06:27 09 Jun 19
I have been back a few times to update my annual CPR training through Fluid and I returned this weekend to complete my First Aid. I am always impressed with the knowledge of the trainers and the real life applications they give to situations. Facilites are great and I enjoy the open learning more
Kylie Louise
Kylie Louise
03:57 27 May 19
I completed both the First Aid and CPR courses with Michael at the North Lakes training center. He was such a great informative instructor, very friendly and easy to talk to. The course is excellent value for money and I now have the knowledge to help others if the need arises! Thank you Fluid! 🙂read more