An Enjoyable but Stressful Time

Christmas and New Years can be stressful for many of us. Filled with social events, family reunions, gift buying, the card writing marathon etc. It is also the time of the year we re-evaluate and can be more sensitive. So, here are some tips to help us enjoy the holiday season, cheer up through the last month of the year and start the next year with a smile. Here are our 7 Tips on how to enjoy this season:

  1. Find some peace:  On top of our celebration commitments, we also have to deal with increased traffic and noise, especially around shopping centres. Creating an action plan can help limit busy areas. Write a To Do List to help prioritise the things that are most important. This will also help avoid the stress of forgetting something.
  2. Establish a Budget: We all want to give presents to people that are important to us. So, make a budget that defines how much money we will spend. This will help prevent any impulse buys and limit financial stress.
  3. Take care of ourselves: Knowing that this time can be stressful, think about setting some time off to relax. However, keep exercising, especially in this part of the year when we tend to eat a lot of unhealthy food.
  4. Watch out for binge eating: these are dangerous periods for everyone trying to control their weight. There’s just so many treats, and candies, and so much is centred around food. Try to be measured with it, but be sure to enjoy.
  5. Honour those who are no longer here: Every year we find ourselves looking back on people who may be passed, or who are not in our life anymore. Take time to harvest the best memories. Remembering is  good for the soul.
  6. Let things happen: The party may not go to plan or how we dreamt it. Don’t worry. The important thing is that we celebrate with the ones we love.
  7. Don’t get into fights: Christmas can be tough for some people and can manifest in them getting angry, rude or looking for a fight. Talk to them, see if you can help. But if they are only looking for someone to argue with, don’t let that person be you. Just walk away.

ENJOY YOUR FESTIVE SEASON! And for more tips visit our other posts here

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