Why Are Both a CPR and First Aid Refresher Course in Brisbane So Crucial?

CPR and first aid skills are invaluable because you never know when you might find yourself in an emergency. You might be walking down the street and witness somebody collapse or collide with a car, or you may work in a hazardous workplace where accidents can occur at any given moment. When someone needs emergency medical treatment, you can’t always sit back until help arrives. You need the skills to help somebody in the first few critical minutes following an injury, and with CPR and first aid training, you might end up saving someone’s life.

However, it’s important to remember that the medical industry is always evolving, and what we previously thought were best practices are now outdated. If you completed first aid or CPR training in Brisbane more than a few years ago, now might be the time to join a refresher course. Fortunately, most courses only take a matter of hours to complete, and you’ll leave with new and refreshed knowledge that will allow you to act with confidence in an emergency. For many reasons, we’re fast becoming the go-to company for first aid or CPR refresher in Brisbane.

At Fluid First Aid, we develop innovative and modern courses that help you understand how to deal with an accident efficiently and professionally. We understand that most people have busy schedules, which is why much of our material is online-based with a succinct but comprehensive face-to-face session to ensure you’ve understood what you’ve learnt. Our award-winning training videos, attention to detail, and genuine passion for our industry sets us apart from our competitors, and our first aid refresher in Brisbane could prove to be invaluable.

The Importance of a CPR and First Aid Refresher Course in Brisbane

To help you understand why a refresher course is so important, we’ve detailed a few procedures that have changed significantly in the past few years below.

  • CPR isn’t what it used to be – In the not so distant past, medical professionals believed the best way to initiate CPR was to breathe into the victim’s mouth before pumping the chest. However, we know now that pumping should begin first, and in most cases, you shouldn’t breathe into the victim’s mouth at all. You can learn the latest technique by completing our CPR refresher course in Brisbane.
  • Don’t automatically induce vomiting – Most people may still instinctively try to make an individual who’s just ingested a toxic substance sick, but chemicals can often be more dangerous coming back up than they were going down. We’ll teach you how to deal with this situation correctly on our first aid refresher course.
  • It’s not wise to put severed digits straight into ice – You could damage severed fingers by putting them directly on ice, even though it seems like the most reasonable reaction. It’s smarter to wrap digits in paper towels or cloth before storing them in a cup of ice or a cooler.

Update Your Skills Today

For your CPR training to stay current, you need a refresher every year, and it’s every three years for the full first aid training course. Fortunately, we won’t take up much of your time to bring you back up to speed, and you’ll complete our training with the required confidence to act quickly and professionally in just about any emergency.