Why You Should Consider Paying for Employees to Complete a CPR Training Course in Brisbane

As a business owner, you probably utilise most of your time thinking of ways to boost your company’s profits and subsequent growth. However, regardless of how busy you may be, you can never neglect workplace safety. It’s your responsibility to keep everybody out of harm’s way when they’re under your supervision on your premises, and that means creating a hazard-free environment, highlighting all risks like wet floors, ensuring employees know how to work safely, and keeping equipment well-maintained. However, no matter how hard you try to prevent injuries, accidents are often unavoidable.

Small trips and cuts usually don’t put the victim’s life in danger, but big falls, burns, and life-threatening illnesses need tending to right away. You need to ensure there is always at least one employee with current first aid training onsite at all times during working hours, and they should also know how to carry out CPR in Brisbane should somebody suffer a heart attack. When one of your employees has difficulty breathing or appears unresponsive, you need someone who can deal with the situation until the emergency services arrive.

At Fluid First Aid, we offer a comprehensive CPR course in Brisbane so that you can have employees that know how to deal with an emergency at work, and they might end up saving a person’s life. If you have employees complete CPR training in Brisbane, you’ll be arming them will invaluable skills that will prove useful both inside and outside of the workplace. You never know when a situation might arise that requires CPR, but it’s vital to have a trained individual on-hand to help as quickly as possible.

The Benefits of Our CPR Course in Brisbane

Aside from the most obvious advantage of having the ability to save a person’s life, here are some other advantages of CPR training.

  • Make sure your team members have the confidence to act – In a situation where somebody collapses, becomes unresponsive or suffers a heart attack, having someone to provide CPR with confidence is a must. Don’t let panic take over the workplace and instead have employees trained and ready to act quickly.
  • An invaluable skill outside of the office – While you may be training staff members to keep your premises safe, you’ll also be giving them skills that could prove useful in their everyday lives.
  • Comply with the law – As an employer, you have a responsibility to have CPR trained staff onsite at all times while there is anybody in your building. Fortunately, our course is succinct and competitively priced, so you only need to invest a small amount of time and money to comply with the rules and regulations.

Choose Us for CPR Training in Brisbane

At Fluid First Aid, we want every company in Brisbane and beyond to be ready to deal with any situation, and we understand how crucial it is to have employees with current CPR skills. Hopefully, you’ll never have to witness a staff member perform CPR, but you’ll be glad to have trained individuals in the event of an emergency.