Why bother with CPR training? North Lakes emergency prep

Nobody likes to think about what could happen in an emergency. Emergencies seem like far-away problems, and emergency preparation is too easy to put off. Still, there are some basic things that everyone should have ready for worst-case scenarios. If you want to be sure that you’re prepared have at least two items checked off: an emergency kit and CPR training.

Disaster kits

The first thing you’ll need to prepare for scary situations is a disaster or emergency kit. You may have heard of disaster kits before. In some places, especially those susceptible to natural disaster, having an emergency kit ready to go is even mandatory.

Disaster kits don’t have to be complicated. Usually, they include essential items like a first aid kit, a flashlight, and small amounts of food. The first aid kit should include necessities like bandages and alcohol wipes in case of injuries, but it’s also wise to add sunscreen, a mild pain reliever like ibuprofen, and scissors. If you or members of your household have any medications, remember to keep a stock of those, too.

The flashlight may seem obvious, but you could also include a loud noisemaker, like a whistle. Finally, be sure to include a few non-perishables and sustaining food items, like granola bars or protein bars, and don’t neglect the most basic need of all: fresh water. If there is a major emergency, it’s possible that your access will be temporarily limited—so make sure you have at least one water bottle per person on hand. You could strengthen your disaster kit with all kinds of emergency items—a change of clothes, for example, or a sweater—but these basics should keep you covered.

First aid training

Since the North Lakes area isn’t prone to natural disasters, you may think you’re in the clear. But there is one skill that every North Lakes resident should have: CPR training. If you don’t have any medical training, you may not know what to do in a basic emergency when someone isn’t breathing. That means it’s time to put some hours into a CPR course. It may sound scary, but don’t worry—finding a North Lakes CPR course is easy and quick. CPR training in North Lakes isn’t expensive, and will only take about a day of your time.

Finding a CPR course in North Lakes

If you’re in the North Lakes area, you already have a reliable option for CPR training: Fluid First Aid. Fluid First Aid has been teaching CPR in North Lakes for long enough to have a handle on exactly what it takes to get you up to date. Our CPR course has won awards—not to mention helped countless people feel more secure and comfortable in their daily lives. It doesn’t take much to be confident in the knowledge that you could step up in an emergency, and CPR training is a vital first step.

Emergencies can seem impossible to prepare for, but there are just a few steps to making sure you’re prepared for the worst. Start small with a disaster kit and a CPR training course—your future self will be grateful you did.