Keep Your Team Certified with CPR Courses near Redcliffe

As the director of personnel training, it is your job to ensure that every team member is certified in CPR within your Redcliffe organisation. As a residential facility that cares for children, everyone must also take an annual refresher course to maintain their certification for the duration of their employment. The company you previously partnered with for personnel certifications was all the way out in the CBD. Management has been pushing everyone to cut costs. To keep everyone certified, you should pay for the CPR course available to Redcliffe businesses, send people to train while they are on the clock, and cover labour costs of staffing people to stay back with the kids. What your company needs is an option for nationally recognised CPR training near Redcliffe. Fluid First Aid offers CPR courses for Redcliffe business groups at our North Lakes learning centre.

Fluid First Aid Provides Engaging CPR Training Near Redcliffe

How often have you returned from mandatory training feeling as though you have been sucked dry of all original interest? Have you returned from a training seminar having learned absolutely nothing due to daydreaming through relevant information delivered in dry monotone classroom formats? A staff trained in first aid or CPR is useless unless they feel prepared to use the skills they were supposed to learn. At Fluid First Aid, we understand that when people are not engaged in the learning presented, they are less likely to retain information. It does no good to be certified and compliant on paper, only to freeze in the face of an emergency. Our specialised CPR course for Redcliffe childcare businesses offers a fun, easy, and time-efficient method to keep your company training compliant.

Our classes combine online learning platforms with face-to-face, hands-on experience. Your team won’t waste hours of productivity sitting in dry meetings about common sense information. Instead, cut class time in half by using our award-winning e-learning courses before your team comes in for their exciting hands-on experience. When they come in for their one-day class session, they will be able to ask questions, view demonstrations, and best of all get hands-on CPR training right near your Redcliffe headquarters. With regular classes available, easily book groups to partake in courses or send new team members individually to become certified in CPR near Redcliffe as they are hired.

Quick and Easy Recertification at our North Lakes Learning Centre
Certifications for CPR in Redcliffe must be renewed annually. Save your company money by enrolling your personnel in refresher courses to be completed before the individual’s certification expires. These required re-certification classes give your team members a chance to brush up on skills that they may not have used over the course of the year. We will also go over new techniques and ways of administering first aid so that your team is always using cutting-edge interventions that best serve your client population.

Our nationally recognised courses are delivered in partnership with and under the auspices of Inscope Training RTO #40926.