Five Reasons to Take a CPR Training Course in Springfield

You might have heard that CPR is a good skill to have, or you may be required to take a course for your job or volunteer position. Whatever the reason is that you’re looking for a CPR course in Springfield, here are five excellent reasons you should schedule it now.

Guidelines Regarding CPR Have Changed

If it’s been a while since you had CPR training in Springfield, it’s possible that you are only familiar with CPR requiring rescue breaths in conjunction with chest compressions. While this is still the preferred method of CPR, the most important part is chest compressions and it’s possible to perform hands-only CPR if you are concerned about the exchange of bodily fluids. When you schedule your course with Fluid First Aid, you’ll be updated on new guidelines and techniques designed to start chest compressions quicker and increase the chance of survival.

Learning CPR in Springfield is Easier and More Convenient

There aren’t many people excited about sitting in a classroom for hours, even if you do attain lifesaving skills in doing so. For some people, it’s a matter of finding the time, and for others, it’s the thought of a boring classroom lecture that might deter them from signing up for a course. Our online training classes at Fluid First Aid can cut classroom time by up to 50%. We can offer a portion of the training online, which saves you time. We also provide innovative, fun, learning in an upbeat atmosphere that won’t leave you bored.

It Can Give You an Edge in the Workplace

If CPR isn’t already required for your job, it can provide you with an advantage in your current position or when looking for new employment. Learning CPR training shows initiative on your part when it’s not required, and having those lifesaving skills can be an attribute that new employers in Springfield desire.

You Just Might Save Someone’s Life

People often have a heart attack when they aren’t even close to a hospital, and the vast majority happen at home. Most individuals who suffer cardiac arrest do not appear to be ill and are often unaware that they have a severe medical condition until it’s too late. Cardiac arrest is generally fatal because it stops the heart from pumping oxygenated blood to the brain. Brain cells die quickly without oxygen, resulting in brain damage. Survival rates increase dramatically when victims of cardiac arrest receive immediate CPR. You could be that lifesaving difference to a stranger or someone in your own home.

Pass it On

After you’ve finished CPR in Springfield, you can take your new-found skills and pass them on to family and friends. While we do recommend that everyone receive our innovative training, we believe CPR is an important skill. You can show someone who won’t otherwise take a class the basics, and this might be enough to save the life of their child or spouse.

Now that you’ve been given important reasons to learn CPR, sign up for your course now by calling Fluid First Aid, or booking your class online.