Take Action Confidently Through CPR Training near Strathpine

On the way home last night the car in front of you lost control and ran into a tree. You pulled over to offer assistance. The driver had been knocked unconscious. With your heart pounding, you called for emergency help. You determined that the woman was not breathing. The operator asked if you knew CPR. You hadn’t thought about CPR since your summers working as a lifeguard over a decade ago. Then, employment was contingent upon maintaining certification in CPR at the Strathpine public pool. You wondered if that was something that just comes back to you. Help was more than five minutes away. You asked the operator to guide you through CPR alongside the Strathpine road. Filled with concern, you followed the ambulance to the hospital.

Stay Certified in CPR with Courses for the Strathpine Community

Although the accident victim will make a full recovery, and the emergency workers credit that directly to your immediate interventions, you are left uncomfortable with how unprepared you felt in the moment of crisis. A quick search on the internet brought you to us, Fluid First Aid. We offer CPR training to Strathpine residents through fun and engaging classes that blend independent e-learning with face-to-face, hands-on experience. Put your memories of dreaded, never-ending, dry recertification classes to rest. We cut the amount of time spent in the classroom in half through our self-paced award-winning online learning modules. Complete the material in your CPR course for Strathpine residents at a time and place that works for your busy life. Don’t be hampered by other students moving at different paces.

When it’s time for your hands-on recertification experience, you’ll come down to our learning centre where we believe relaxed, fun, and engaging settings are the best method to deliver information that sticks. When you enrol in a class for CPR near Strathpine, you’ll leave feeling confident that you are prepared for the next emergency. Book individually and join one of our many nationally recognised* certification courses. Come back before your annual certification expires and save money on our refresher CPR courses available near Strathpine that allow you to renew your certification.

Learn Life-Saving Skills That Are Applicable Anywhere

Maintaining current certifications in First Aid and CPR looks great on a resume. For one, employers that are required to sustain a fully certified staff will be pleased to avoid paying for initial certification costs. Secondarily, all things equal, a person with a certification in life-saving techniques outshines an applicant that does not. No matter what the business, it’s always advisable to employ people with CPR training. Strathpine companies benefit from having people available and prepared to respond in the event of an emergency. A quick response can reduce a company’s liability in the case of customer injury. Take pride that your training with Fluid First Aid develops a skill set that can assist you in any situation. Become an admired resource in your company for remaining cool and calm under pressure.

*Our nationally recognised courses are delivered in partnership with and under the auspices of Inscope Training RTO #40926.