Fluid First Aid: A Convenient Way to Plan CPR Training Courses in Sunnybank and Throughout the Brisbane Area

Workplace first aid personnel in need of a nationally recognised CPR qualification should look no further than Fluid First Aid. Our courses are accessible, affordable, and quick—perfect for busy employees trying to balance first aid learning with full-time work schedules. Plus, since we offer courses throughout the Brisbane area, it’s easy to find one near you. Whether you need CPR training in Sunnybank or closer to the CBD, we offer a convenient option for you.

What to Expect from Our CPR Course in Sunnybank

With Fluid First Aid, it’s easier than ever before to fit CPR training into the schedule. Our CPR courses are $60 per person and only require 1.5 hours of in-person training. Add a 45-minute online learning pre-course, and you should be all set to provide CPR support for your workplace.

The convenience of our course locations makes it even easier for employees or businesses to schedule CPR courses. You don’t need to travel to the Central Business District just to find a first aid training course at a convenient time. Fluid First Aid offers public first aid and CPR sessions multiple times a week across the Brisbane area.

Do you need training for CPR near Sunnybank? We have a Springfield training centre just a 15-minute drive away from Sunnybank. Other locations include North Lakes and Eagle Farm.

Location flexibility isn’t the only way we make CPR courses easier to arrange. Every single week, we offer classes not just across the Brisbane area, but also spanning various time slots. Perhaps you can make a CPR course near Sunnybank work during regular business hours. If so, we have standard weekday options that will appeal. If your schedule is a little trickier, we also have weekend and evening courses available.

Booking is easy, too. You don’t have to call us and navigate through a confusing series of automated voice messages just to get our course schedule or book your spot. Instead, just click here to view our course calendar. You can browse by subject or location to find the class that aligns best with your needs. Note that some of our courses include both first aid and CPR, while others focus explicitly on CPR. Once you’ve found the right course, it’s easy to book online.

A Nationally Recognised CPR Certificate

If you choose Fluid First Aid for your CPR training in Sunnybank, know that our courses are nationally recognised. Upon successful completion of a Fluid First Aid CPR course, you will receive a nationally recognised CPR certificate. This certificate is valid for 12 months. After that point, workplace first aiders should attend another CPR course to refresh their skills and renew their certificates.

Whether you are interested in learning CPR for the first time or keeping an existing nationally recognised CPR certificate up to date, Fluid First Aid can help. To learn CPR near Sunnybank, enrol in one of our Springfield courses today. Call us on 1300 976 276 if you have any questions.