CPR Training and Refresher Course Online

CPR training is mandatory for some jobs, recommended in others, and necessary in many volunteer positions. It’s also a good idea for everyone to know CPR because of its lifesaving capabilities. Did you know most cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital setting and in the home? Knowing CPR can help you save the life of someone you love, and now Fluid First Aid is offering CPR training online.

Why Learn CPR?

The most important reason for learning CPR is that it can save lives. When an emergency happens, it can take time for the ambulance and medical personnel to arrive. Those minutes are crucial for the person experiencing the emergency, and CPR can mean the difference between life and death. For cardiac arrest patients, the first five minutes is the most crucial time for them to receive care. When the heart stops, the brain is no longer getting the oxygen it needs, and brain damage happens quickly. It’s imperative that CPR is given while waiting for emergency personnel. Administration of CPR improves the possibility of survival and a positive outcome.

Have you ever witnessed an emergency and not known how to respond? It’s a helpless feeling to see someone experiencing a life and death situation and not know what to do and how to help. A CPR course online will give you the techniques and tools necessary to respond to someone in need. Having the proper training gives you the confidence you need to know you are performing lifesaving care. Don’t be left feeling helpless. Schedule your online course with Fluid First Aid today.

When is CPR Needed?

There are many situations where CPR is a major factor in survival. The techniques you learn in your online course can make a difference in the life of a stranger, or it could be someone you love who needs help. The whole reason to perform CPR is to keep oxygen flowing to the brain long enough for the person to receive medical attention at a hospital.

CPR is useful in numerous situations like near-drowning, cardiac arrest, suffocation, or an accident that leaves someone unconscious and not breathing. Anytime a person is not breathing, CPR is needed to restore the flow of oxygen to their brain.

Schedule Your CPR Course Online

If you need a CPR refresher course online or are a first-time student of CPR, you can take your class online. While there is always a face to face element to all CPR training, your course can be done partially online which saves you time. We offer a series of informative videos you can view on your schedule. The flexibility of our online tutorials and theory assessments mean learning takes place at your pace, on your schedule, when you have the time for it. An online course or refresher leaves you in charge of your learning. This allows you to get comfortable with the material before moving on to the real-life training.

Fluid First Aid believes training should be flexible, informative, and fun. We want you to walk away from your class feeling like you learned the skills necessary to save a life and had fun while doing it. Schedule your CPR or refresher course today.