The severity of a burn can be very deceptive and a seemingly small burn injury can cause the victim’s condition to rapidly decline. It’s critical you understand what types of burns and symptoms require emergency medical treatment!

The 4 steps to treat a burn

  1. REMOVE any jewellery or constricting items if possible without causing damage
  2. COOL the burn with room-temperature running water for 20 minutes, but KEEP THE PERSON WARM and look for signs of shock (pale, cold and clammy skin)
  3. COVER with non-adhesive burn dressing or plastic cling film
  4. CALL 000 for an ambulance for:

    Airway burnsBurns to sensitive areas – face, hands, feet, major joints and private areas

    Burns that penetrate the skin

    Electrical, chemical and cold burns

    Shock symptoms

    Burns to vulnerable people – small children, elderly and those with other medical conditions

    Any burns greater than the size of the victim’s hand

Also note:

DO NOT remove any clothing stuck to the burn

DO NOT use ice or iced water

DO NOT break blisters or peel the skin

DO NOT apply any lotions, ointments, creams or powders other than

Burn hydrogel products are great for cooling minor burns but are not recommended for significant burns