Keep Your Company’s First Aid Training up to Date with Regular Courses in Ipswich

Under national Occupational Health & Safety regulations, every workplace is required to have trained CPR and first aid personnel. Having these skills in your workplace creates a safer environment for all employees. It makes it possible to respond quickly and confidently when accidents or emergencies strike. Sure, taking a first aid course in Ipswich may not give your employees the medical training of an emergency medical technician. However, since EMTs can never be onsite the moment an emergency happens, an employee with formal CPR or first aid training could still save a life.

At Fluid First Aid, we provide CPR and first aid courses throughout the Brisbane area. If you need to arrange first aid training for your Ipswich business, we have numerous training centres in the vicinity for their selection. Our courses are nationally recognised, which means they fulfil the requirements of OH&S regulations. Signing a few of your employees up for first aid training with us will ensure a safer and more compliant workplace.

Remember to Refresh Your First Aid and CPR Courses!

Just because you’ve had a few employees go through first aid and CPR training doesn’t mean you never have to worry about it again. For one thing, employees leave. Your first aiders probably aren’t going to stay with your business forever. Keeping track of who on your team has first aid and CPR training, then, is vital to making sure you are compliant with relevant OH&S rules.

Even the first aiders who stick around should plan to take CPR or first aid courses in Ipswich on a regular basis. Nationally recognised certificates have expiration dates, and first aiders need to take frequent fresher courses to maintain valid certificates. First aid certificates need to be updated every three years. CPR certificates, meanwhile, need to be updated every 12 months.

If a first aider in your office lets their certificate expire, they will need to go through a full first aid or CPR course to regain the certificate. Individuals who seek to renew their certificates before expiration, on the other hand, are eligible for ‘refresher’ courses. Urge your employees to get in the habit of earlier renewals, to take advantage of the time and money savings of Fluid First Aid’s refresher courses.

Book Your First Aid Training in Ipswich

The good news is that it’s incredibly easy to sign up for Fluid First Aid courses online. Do you need group training for CPR or first aid in Ipswich? Click here for our corporate group booking page. For individual course options, meanwhile, you can click here to see what we currently have available.

If you have any questions about our first aid courses near Ipswich—from locations to pricing to refresher training opportunities—feel free to contact us directly. To reach Fluid First Aid, give us a call on 1300 976 276 or send an email to We look forward to helping you pave the way towards a safer workplace.