First Aid in Springfield Proven a Vital Resource

Last week your usually quiet corner café had quite the commotion. One of your servers was clearing a table, hit a wet spot on the floor and slipped sending a full tray of glassware shattering to the floor. To assist your server, the safety manager enters into the area without footwear, slips herself and falls on top of the majority of glass cutting her skin deeply in several places. Unsure of what to do, and not required to have taken the first aid course here in Springfield, the rest of your employees looked on waiting for directions. Eventually, the safety manager gasped out that the restaurant should be closed and an ambulance called. Before they could arrive, your safety manager, the only employee present that is certified in first aid for your Springfield establishment, passed out from the amount of blood lost. Had your other employees participated in the same first aid training offered in Springfield and required of your management staff, perhaps your safety manager could have gotten some assistance before the professionals arrived.

Empower Your Team to Respond effectively to Crisis with Fluid First Aid

While you appreciate the importance of first aid training, your Springfield shareholders previously decided against having the entire staff enrol in a first aid course with Springfield’s own Fluid First Aid. Your management team already participates in our nationally recognised programs*. Now, the attempt to save money by undertraining your workforce is being recognised as an unacceptable liability. What if the person who had fallen was a customer? Not only would they have not received medical care for more than twenty minutes while your team fumbled through a response, but the whole situation would also be a public relations nightmare, and your small business would be held liable for the customer’s injuries from which you may not be able to survive. It’s much safer to arm your crew with the skills they need to be confident in the face of an emergency. First Aid training at our Springfield learning centre allows your staff to achieve that confidence and peace of mind through a blend of self-paced award-winning e-learning courses and face-to-face, hands-on experience practice where they can ask any questions they may have and get demonstrations on techniques they are still uncomfortable to perform.

First Aid Course in Springfield Gets the Job Done

Our passion for teaching life-saving techniques exudes from our pores. We believe that passionate teaching in a friendly, engaging, hands-on environment are the key elements to developing skills that last past the final test and throughout the entire year. Set up your team members to come as a group or individually to our wide selection of classes teaching first aid available in our Springfield location. Once certified, sign them up for annual refresher courses before their certification lapses and receive a discount. Your shareholders will thank you for the money you’re saving them both in certification fees and in creating a safer work environment for everyone to do business in.

*Our nationally recognised courses are delivered in partnership with and under the auspices of Inscope Training RTO #40926.