Be Prepared with First Aid Training Near Strathpine

The day began like any other with bright sunshine, crisp air, and birds singing. Like every other day this week, you took the girls down to the park to play for a few hours. You sat with the other moms and nannies talking about the neighbourhood gossip and the budding achievements of your frolicking little ones. Suddenly, there’s a blood-curdling scream and an all too familiar cry. Your heart skips a beat as you rush towards the distressed sobs of your little girl. She’s fallen off the play equipment and has, in the least, suffered a gash to her arm. At worst, it may be broken. You freeze. You don’t know first aid. Strathpine is lucky to be served by the award-winning first aid and CPR training company, Fluid First Aid. In a flash, your neighbour rushes in. She begins performing first aid before Strathpine medical professionals arrive. She was just telling your group about the wonderful first aid course near Strathpine she’d just completed.

Scare at Park Inspires Moms to Enrol in First Aid Training Near Strathpine

Your precious child will be okay. The nasty gash required a couple of sutures, and the arm was indeed broken, but has been set, cast, and should heal in a few weeks. Meanwhile, the scare it gave your circle of caregivers has not died down. Of nearly ten parents and nannies available on scene, only one person adequately responded. What happens the next time one of the kids hurts themselves? Don’t be caught unprepared for the next accident. Collect your circle of caregivers for a fun and engaging hands-on experience with our CPR and First Aid courses available to Strathpine community members. Learn the skills you need to respond confidently when faced with the next emergency in a streamlined learning platform that blends e-learning with hands-on practice. Earn your nationally recognised certification* and keep it current through discounted refresher courses taken before the certification lapses. With many classes in first aid available to Strathpine residents, we’re confident you can find a timeslot that works for you individually or for your whole group.

A Different Approach to Skill Building at Fluid First Aid

Unlike traditional First Aid courses available around Strathpine that are full of dry material conveyed in sterile classroom settings that give little opportunity for hands-on experience, we seek to make learning life-saving techniques fun and easily accessible. We believe that passion for learning can be evoked in our pupils by keeping them engaged in the learning process. Self-paced e-learning modules allow you to digest the material and prepare for your hands-on experience. Our learning centres provide a comfortable and supportive setting for students to convert their e-learning into real skills. Ask questions and view demonstrations in an upbeat environment alongside equally enthusiastic participants. Sign up as a group for our First Aid training near Strathpine or venture out on your own. Ours is one training certification you’ll be happy to have under your belt.

*Our nationally recognised courses are delivered in partnership with and under the auspices of Inscope Training RTO #40926.