One of the greatest things in life you can learn is how to respond in an emergency when someone’s in trouble.

Your friend is trapped… your child is choking… your partner / mother / co-worker is on the floor not responding.

Would you have any idea where to start and what to do?

As you could imagine, there are a million and one things that could go wrong at any given time at home, work or out and about and you’re not often going to know what the cause or issue is at hand.

But you need answers fast. What should you do?

Should I call an ambulance? Should I start CPR?

How do I at least keep my loved one stable and alive until help arrives???

There’s one absolutely must-know quintessential little action plan that’s so foundational to everything we teach about emergencies and first aid and it’s going to help you greatly if and when you’re faced with an emergency big or small.

Knowing and following this simple little plan can be truly life-saving, and give you clarity to prioritise the right things in the right order to:

  • keep you and others safe
  • preserve a casualty’s life
  • protect their airway (their life-source)
  • prevent further injury
  • promote recovery.

It’s called the DRSABCD and we’ve created a succinct and memorable wall chart that you’re welcome to print and put up in the office, staff room or fridge at home.

The more you see it, the better you remember it and the easier your job will be when someone’s life is on the line.

PDF for print:

DRSABCD Wall chart A5 – for printing

JPG for web:

(To download, right click on image and select Save Image As)

DRSABCD wall chart - How to perform CPR