Low Voltage Rescue Training (LVR) and CPR Training Available in Brisbane

Are you in need of your yearly LVR and CPR training required for your job? Are you searching for a way to save time in the classroom? Maybe you aren’t looking forward to spending hours in a classroom on an instructor’s schedule because you have so many other things happening in your life. It might be difficult for you to schedule a class because of the time commitment it takes. If any of these are the case, you’ve come to the right place. Fluid First Aid offers an online class intended for staff working in low voltage areas, electricians, and those controlling electrical goods. If you need low voltage rescue training in Brisbane for an individual or a group, give us a call today.

Why an Online Course for LVR Training in Brisbane?

We know that sitting in a classroom all day can be a daunting task. No one wants to sit through a boring lecture or presentation and have to learn at the pace of the instructor. We all learn differently, and an online course gives you the flexibility to learn at your pace, on your schedule. LVR training in Brisbane doesn’t have to be boring, and it isn’t something you should dread attending. Our innovative learning techniques coupled with our award-winning videos mean your classroom time is decreased by 50%. This allows you to take low voltage rescue training when it’s convenient for you.

Your group can do the online portion of their CPR and LVR training in Brisbane before coming to the classroom. Our study guides and online assessments help everyone prepare in advance for the face to face portion of the class. By the time your group meets up in class, everyone will have the knowledge necessary to speed up the classroom portion. By preparing in advance online, students will know what questions to ask and be aware of areas where they might need some extra help.

Choose to Learn the Fluid Way

Boring, dull, painful, and disengaging are not adjectives that should be used to describe a training course. Learning is one of the most enriching and fruitful activities on earth, and it should be full of inspiration and excitement. No one should feel as though a training course is something that must be endured only to gain a certificate. Learning does not have to equal drudgery.

At Fluid First Aid we see learning for what it is: a chance to grow, to change, and to be empowered with knowledge and skills that somehow make you and the world around you better. Whether it’s a CPR course, first aid training, or a low voltage rescue class that you’re looking for in Brisbane, we think you should leave feeling more confident than you did before, and that the experience should be one you wouldn’t mind repeating. Our goal is to have every student leave feeling not only educated, but empowered, enlightened and enlivened by their instructors. Schedule your LVR and CPR training in Brisbane now by calling us or booking online.