Travel First Aid Kit

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The Travel First Aid Kit has been designed to contain essential medical suppliers. It is by far the most popular kit sold and is great for families.


The Travel First Aid Kit is by far one of the most popular kits due to the size and medical equipment within. This little soft pack first aid kit is excellent for travel and smaller groups.

Due to the size, weight and supplies within the kit it is perfect for hiking, camping or just having it in the car. Another handy aspect of the kit is that it comes with the First Aid Hints Guide which contains some great tips on first aid. These hints range from bleeding to vital signs.

The Travel First Aid Kit Contains:

K156 Travel First Aid KitQTY
Soft Roll Out First Aid Bag1
Conforming Bandage – 10cm x 1.5m1
Conforming Bandage – 5cm x 1.5m1
No. 13 Wound Dressing1
Triangular Bandage No-Woven – 110cm x 110cm1
Combined Dressing – 10cm x 10cm1
Lite Dressing – 7.5cm x 5cm1
Plastic Dressing Strips – 10 Pack1
Survival Thermal Blanket1
Gauze Swabs – 5cm x 5cm3
Cotton Applicators – 5 Pack1
Keyring CPR Face Mask1
Tape Wrapped – 1.25cm x 9.1m1
Eye Pad Sterile Single Use1
Sodium Chloride Steri-tube – 15ml2
Nitrile Blue Latex Free Gloves – 2 Pack1
Alcohol Wipes – 10 Pack1
First Aid Scissors with Plastic Handles – 9cm1
Tweezers – 9cm First Aid – Small1
Safety Pins – 12 Pack1
First Aid Notes and Instructions1