Follow OH&S Regulations More Efficiently with Workplace First Aid Courses and CPR Training from Fluid First Aid

In Australia, every business must abide by Occupational Health & Safety regulations. One requirement of these laws is that your workplace has trained CPR and first aid employees on hand. Having personnel trained in these disciplines creates a safer work environment for everyone. Unfortunately, workplace first aid training is rarely anyone’s idea of a good time.

The Flaw of the Average Workplace First Aid Course

Indeed, everyone knows that workplace first aid courses are tedious and time-consuming. They pull your employees away from their daily responsibilities, which can be a big blow to your overall company productivity.

Even worse, the average first aid course or workplace CPR training session is dry and taught with too much medical jargon. For staff members, whose disciplines are far removed from the medical field—most pupils in workplace first aid courses, in other words—it can be difficult for them to engage, learn and retain knowledge. When that knowledge becomes necessary, who knows if your staff will be ready to spring into action?

How Fluid First Aid Revitalises Workplace First Aid and CPR Training

At Fluid First Aid, we saw a gap in the industry for a more engaging type of workplace first aid training. We didn’t want companies or their staff members to describe our courses as ‘boring’ or as ‘a waste of time.’ Instead, we wanted our courses to be thought of as ‘informative,’ ‘helpful’ and even ‘fun.’

Our course structures reflect this drive to create something unique. Mixing online learning with fast, hands-on classes, we keep our first aid courses and workplace CPR training sessions brief, enjoyable and actionable. By focusing on practical information, delivering it in interesting ways and cutting out the medical jargon, we can help your team retain first aid and CPR knowledge for longer.

The fact that we are quicker than the average workplace first aid training organisation is also not lost on our clients. How much money does it cost your business when half your staff is sequestered to a training room instead of working? How much do those courses disrupt your schedule and impact your ability to finish projects, help customers and clients and serve the overall bottom line? For most businesses, that training time adds up.

With Fluid First Aid’s unique approach to first aid and CPR courses, you can finally plug that productivity drain. Our classes help your personnel can cut down the time in the training room by taking critical lessons into the online learning space. Our courses are more accessible for employees to complete around their busy schedules, which means a less disruptive process for your business as a whole. On average, our workplace CPR training and first aid courses cut the required in-class time in half.

First aid courses are essential for OH&S compliance, but they are also an opportunity for your personnel to learn valuable skills. They shouldn’t be something that everyone dreads, and with Fluid First Aid, they won’t be. To learn more about our programs and how they can work for your business, give us a call on 1300 976 276.