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What if you found yourself in a position where you had to give someone CPR? Or you were the first person on the scene of a car accident? Would you know what to do?


Fluid First Aid provides effective training that will equip you for those situations where your response could be the difference between life and death.

With an innovative approach to first aid training, Fluid First Aid offers fun and informative courses to individuals or groups that want to learn all-important skills efficiently and in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Fluid First Aid courses are offered weekly at three locations across Brisbane, providing flexibility and convenience. We offer comprehensive courses covering first aid essentials, along with tailored courses to meet specific first aid training needs for various professions. All our courses are nationally recognised. Our satisfied clients will attest to the high quality of our first aid training.

Don't leave yourself without that essential knowledge of what to do in an emergency. Take a Fluid First Aid course Brisbane wide and feel informed, confident, and equipped to save lives. Read More

Northside based first aid course & training in Brisbane QLD

How often have you found yourself in a medical emergency situation and wished you knew what to do to help? Well, now you can, by attending a First Aid Course in North Brisbane offered by Fluid First Aid.

Most people at some time or another in their lives have had to watch on helplessly during a medical emergency because they lacked the necessary knowledge, or skill to deal with the situation.

Anyone, anywhere and at any time can find themselves in a situation where first aid knowledge is needed. Whether it is a minor injury or a serious medical emergency, feeling powerless to help is a terrible feeling and one that should not be experienced.

Ideally, neither should one be left unattended during a medical crisis due to the lack of knowledge and skill.

Doing It Differently

Fluid First Aid are pleased to be able to provide a flexible First Aid Course to the Brisbane Northside area, facilitated by our innovative and committed team. Taking one of our life saving first aid courses will help equip you, or members of your staff, to handle basic medical emergencies competently. This knowledge could help save a life.

Our creative teaching methods are designed to inspire the confidence of our trainees and equip them to effectively apply their knowledge in the event of an emergency. More importantly, our innovative video lessons allow you to acquire first aid skills effortlessly and at times that are convenient to you.

At Fluid First Aid, our training is different and stimulating. We provide online video theory lessons that you can do at your own convenience, saving you time and allowing you to move at your own pace. We also have multiple weekly scheduled practical lessons you can attend at several locations across Brisbane so you’ll always find a time and date that suits your schedule.

By offering you the flexibility and convenience of choosing your own course timings, we allow you or your business to schedule your training as is appropriate to you. 

A Helping Hand Near You

Knowing you, or others around you have first aid training, will give you peace of mind. Whether you are in the workplace, home, school or out and about, taking one of our courses will enable you to offer a helping hand to others in an emergency.

We offer quality First Aid Training courses in the Queensland area that are designed to cover the basic home and workplace emergency response. These are:

  • Childcare First Aid
  • Childcare Manual Handling
  • CPR
  • First Aid
  • LVR Low Voltage Rescue

Our top-rated training is available for clients in North Brisbane, South Brisbane and Brisbane with our highly qualified, experienced and friendly staff. Furthermore, our award-winning videos allow you to learn anywhere, at any time, and practical sessions are scheduled at your convenience.

Acquire essential emergency first response skills for yourself or your employees by selecting one of our courses. If you would like more information, we can be reached on 1300 976 276, or you can email us at or book online via our online booking form. You’ll find our training venues at North Lakes, Eagle Farm and Springfield Lakes.

Don’t risk putting yourself in an emergency situation where you feel powerless to help, get in touch and book your course now!

First aid is something people rarely think about because it’s not required very often. However, when it is needed, the lack of someone with first aid knowledge can have very serious consequences.

People often do nothing about it because they believe it’s someone else’s responsibility. But it really is the responsibility of everyone and applies to:

  • businesses, where legislation requires that minimum levels of training and equipment are necessary and there is also a moral responsibility to keep employees safe
  • clubs and other organisations that are responsible for the safety of their members
  • individuals who can help others who are injured or ill.

Compliance for Businesses through First Aid Training in Brisbane

There are published estimates that claim up to 5% of the country’s output (gross domestic product or GDP) is lost due to injuries or illnesses resulting from the workplace. These can affect all businesses and, in addition to the financial cost, there’s the pain and suffering that can also result.

All businesses have responsibility for the safety of their employees, customers and visitors. In addition, they’re required by the Work Health and Safety Act and the Work Health and Safety Regulations to ensure that no-one is exposed to health and safety risks arising from the conduct of the business.

The requirement is to provide sufficient first aid kits, facilities and trained people to administer the necessary first aid. The actual numbers and the type of training are not specified but are dependent on an assessment of risks for individual businesses.

To determine the required first aid training in Brisbane:

  • identify the hazards that could cause injury or illness
  • assess the likelihood, type and severity of those injuries or illnesses
  • determine if your business is involved in activities that increase the risk of injuries
  • calculate the number of people at risk, which may vary at different times of the day and night
  • establish if the business is in a remote location that will prevent emergency services attending promptly.

After conducting the assessment, you will be in a position to decide on the number of people who need to undertake a first aid course in Brisbane and the type of training they need.

Courses to Keep you Compliant

A first aid course at our North Brisbane centre or at your premises will help to ensure you keep your business compliant with legislation and protect your employees. We run a range of courses from basic first aid training up through various other levels and CPR training. We can also offer customised courses that focus on specific aspects of your business and any special challenges they present. That can include any particular hazards arising from your business, be it from chemicals, manufacturing processes or construction.

We can also provide a refresher first aid course in Brisbane, at our Northside office, so you’re kept up-to-date and fully familiar with what’s required. Additionally, we can offer on-going support, so you remain fully compliant.

Why First Aid Training in Queensland is of Vital Importance

All our courses are relevant, comprehensive and cost-effective, so all participants get full value from them and aren’t kept away from other activities any more than is absolutely necessary. They enable you to adhere fully to your legal responsibilities and mean employees, group members and individual members of the public are kept safe.

Fluid First Aid provides a range of courses. First Aid, CPR, senior first aid, low voltage rescue and more.

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Joel McCulla
Joel McCulla
23:17 06 Dec 18
Fluid First Aid staff were incredibly engaging and passionate about the delivery of their courses. Having utilised their training now for two consecutive years (through my employer- we do large group sessions) I have always been left feeling confident in being ready to engage in an emergency situation as a first more
Dean Creely
Dean Creely
22:41 12 Nov 18
Ben was a great trainer, was interesting and helpful. Fluid has fresh visual content, good online assessment and quality training equipment. Highly recommend this place!read more
Claire Clark
Claire Clark
10:53 07 Nov 18
The CPR course is excellent. So much practical work but very concise at the same time. I really think I will be able to apply and remember what I was taught and shown. I was also impressed with all the resources, including the defibrillators which we all had a go at using. The role playing was an extra bonus. Michael was a very thorough teacher and certainly covered all aspects of more