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Fun, fast, fluid first aid courses for individuals & groups in Brisbane.

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Award-winning video learning materials for training facilitators and RTOs.

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How to use Epipen® – Anaphylaxis First Aid

How to use Epipen® – Anaphylaxis First Aid

How to use Epipen® - Anaphylaxis First Aid Allergies are on the rise and for the 5% of the Australian population who suffer from a mild to severe food allergy, it's important that others are aware of the common triggers for allergic reaction and how to respond in an...

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What if you found yourself in a position where you had to give someone CPR? Or you were the first person on the scene of a car accident? Would you know what to do?


Fluid First Aid provides effective training that will equip you for those situations where your response could be the difference between life and death.

With an innovative approach to first aid training, Fluid First Aid offers fun and informative courses to individuals or groups that want to learn all-important skills efficiently and in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Fluid First Aid courses are offered weekly at three locations across Brisbane, providing flexibility and convenience. We offer comprehensive courses covering first aid essentials, along with tailored courses to meet specific first aid training needs for various professions. All our courses are nationally recognised. Our satisfied clients will attest to the high quality of our first aid training.

Don't leave yourself without that essential knowledge of what to do in an emergency. Take a Fluid First Aid course Brisbane wide and feel informed, confident, and equipped to save lives. Read More

Northside based first aid course & training in Brisbane QLD

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How to treat 5 common eye injuries

The eyes are an amazing pair of organs that grant us the miracle of sight, yet they are so delicate and prone to injury. Consider the impact that a loss or impairment of vision would have (or has had) on your life…

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Asthma first aid video and poster download

Asthma first aid video & free poster download! It's estimated that 90% asthma sufferers are using their reliever puffer inhaler incorrectly. Yes 90%! This impacts on the effectiveness of their medication and could be the difference between recovering from mild asthma...

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Joshua Agius
Joshua Agius
08:34 09 Oct 18
Course was very good. The course challenged myself and I was able to self-reflect on my learning. This means I can better myself for real life experiences. I always learn and retain something new that I was not aware of. CPR & LVR Refresher more
11:41 06 Oct 18
I enjoyed my course with Fluid First Aid. It was run smoothly with all areas covered. The instructor was clearly very knowledgeable. Chrisread more
Brooke W
Brooke W
22:46 24 Sep 18
Gayle (the instructor) is excellent, she is very knowledgeable and practical. She thoroughly explains the content and provides real life scenarios to help put our theory into practice. I was personally worried about renewing my certification as it had been a few years since completing my initial training. However, the team at Fluid First Aid offered great support and guidance. Easily the best first aid course I've participated in - 10/10 would more