About us

Changing the world, one learner at a time.

Boring. Long. Arduous. Uninspired. Irrelevant. Dull. Confusing. Disengaging. Painful.

It’s likely we’ve all used these words after suffering yet another training course.


Why has one of the most enriching and fruitful activities on earth (that is, learning) been sucked dry of all life and inspiration, leaving only something you just have to endure to gain a certificate.

We see learning for what it is.

Whether it’s first aid, CPR, safety or business management training – learning is a chance to grow, to change, to be empowered with knowledge and skills that somehow make you and the world around you different. Better.

And it’s with that vision that we started Fluid Learning.

We believe in

Light bulbs

The beautiful “ahuh”. The moment when information becomes understanding that stays with you for the rest of your life!


There’s not much to life without it! Let’s put it back into learning and train from the heart.


Our people – gifted trainers and mentors who believe in empowering each individual to be all that they can be.


When you’re laughing, you’re learning. Fun is essential when learning online and face-to-face.


You are valuable and have something unique to offer the world. Your needs are our priority.

Meet our exceptional team

Gayle Guthrie

Gayle Guthrie

Co-Founder / Director / Trainer

First aid is in Gayle’s DNA with a long family history of first aiders going back to when the ambulance were on horse and cart!

Co-creator of our innovative first aid courses and online program, Gayle’s passion for first aid training comes from her ability to empower people with the skills to respond positively in a first aid emergency and save lives!

As an aunt, mother and grandmother, family day care provider and first aid officer, Gayle’s experience and passion led her into first aid training for Australian Red Cross and then run her own training business before co-founding Fluid Learning.

Gayle believes in making learning both relevant and accessible for everyone and through her own personal learning challenges, has deep respect and empathy for those for which learning and language don’t come easily.

Gayle’s role with Coast Guard Redcliffe provides her with continued experience responding to emergencies and great knowledge of first aid and safety compliance in the workplace.

Ben Cleaver

Ben Cleaver

Co-Founder / Director / Trainer

From New York City to Vietnam and back home, Ben has worked in teaching, copywriting, communication, volunteering, pastoral work and is a singer-songwriter. He started as a first aid trainer with the Australian Red Cross in 2010, and took to the challenge of inspiring the lay person with simple techniques that can save lives in an emergency.

In 2011, Ben started his own first aid training business from Redcliffe North Brisbane with a dream of turning around the reputation of first aid training for being long, boring and overwhelming for the every day first aider.

In 2013 Ben won the Australian Resuscitation Council’s national video competition with his self-produced and directed 90 second film “Hands-only CPR – It’s not aero-science”. More recently he presented and directed a more comprehensive 12 minute CPR training video, “Home Is Where The Heart Stops” which is featured in our first aid online learning program.

Aside from his passion for innovation in adult learning, Ben loves guitars, running, tennis and sunny days on Moreton Bay with wife Jess and four kids – Noa, Minnie, Jude and Jasper.