A leading cause in Australia of temporary and permanent disability.

It kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer.

Many lives and families, maybe yours, have been and are today severely impacted by it.

There are many misconceptions about stroke, but one thing you just got to know is how to recognise a stroke and act FAST to minimise its devastating effect on life.

Do you know the easy F-A-S-T steps to help a stroke victim?

What is Stroke?

A stroke is not a Heart Attack – it’s a “Brain Attack”.

It occurs from a sudden blood clot or ruptured blood vessel limiting blood flow to the brain which results in impaired strength and function on one side of the body. Therefore, most stroke victims will have some disability to manage.

It is more common in the elderly, but that’s not to say that stroke can not affect any one of any age.

The earlier a stroke is detected and treated by medical services, the better the chance of recovery and minimising permanent disability.

How to Recognise a Stroke and act FAST

The Stroke foundation of Australia promotes the F – A – S – T steps, to help people recognise the symptoms of a stroke and act fast!

F.A.S.T. stands for:

Face – Look for drooping. Can they smile?

Arms – Can they raise both arms equally?

Speech – Is it slurred or can they speak at all?

Time… to call 000 for an Ambulance if you recognise any of the above signs, and make the person comfortable while you wait for the ambulance to arrive. If unconscious, lay them down, on the stroke-affected side.

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R. .Golingi
R. .Golingi
10:45 16 Jun 19
I enjoyed my CPR training. Germaine is very knowledgeable and thorough, making sure everybody understood every part but at the same time keeping things fast and interesting (and at times entertaining).read more
abby lovett
abby lovett
06:27 09 Jun 19
I have been back a few times to update my annual CPR training through Fluid and I returned this weekend to complete my First Aid. I am always impressed with the knowledge of the trainers and the real life applications they give to situations. Facilites are great and I enjoy the open learning more
Kylie Louise
Kylie Louise
03:57 27 May 19
I completed both the First Aid and CPR courses with Michael at the North Lakes training center. He was such a great informative instructor, very friendly and easy to talk to. The course is excellent value for money and I now have the knowledge to help others if the need arises! Thank you Fluid! 🙂read more