Workplace group first aid training Brisbane

Fun, fast, fluid first aid courses for groups – when and where you want it!

So you got a group?

Excellent! You’re in the right place.

We’re excited you’re here because it just might mean you’re the next in line to join the many Brisbane businesses and organisations enjoying first aid training the fluid way.

So what’s so good about first aid courses with Fluid?


Online video learning (won awards for it)


Shorter, extremely hands-on classes


Fluid trainers - experienced, relaxed, fun, salt-of-earth type people


Certificates are issue within two business days


Company login to manage certificates and renewals

Get me a quote ASAP!

Industries we’re especially awesome at…

SCHOOLS (Big & Small)


Our unique time-efficient training and online video theory allows school teachers and staff to fit in online self-paced learning around their schedule and a shorter practical workshop takes up less time after school or on pupil free days.


Childcare and Kindies

We recognise the crucial role educators and carers play in our children’s health and safety. We want to help early education services be better prepared for emergencies by giving them relevant training that’s fun and time efficient, as well as the extra things like free asthma and anaphylaxis posters for all participants.


Electrical trade

Our low voltage rescue courses are very popular around Brisbane. We offer onsite group training for 6+ ppl and early morning and afternoon public workshops in multiple locations.


Health and Fitness

General and allied health practitioners love our no-nonsense approach to gaining and renewing their first aid certification. We can come to after practice hours and can cater timeframes to the experience level of your team.

The fluid first aid experience awaits.